Bathrooms & Kitchens in Townsville

Repairing &

Are you hoping to modernise your kitchen? Would you like to replace your kitchen cabinets? Do you need to update your bathroom? Look no further than Darryl Tickle Building. For years, we have been a kitchen and bathroom contractor Townsville residents can rely on. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and schedule an appointment with our experts!

What Bathroom & Kitchen
Services Do You Offer?

We have years of experience, vast knowledge and all the necessary qualifications to perform bathroom and kitchen services.

Here is an overview of how our team can help you

  • Plasterboards
    this maximises the functionality and aesthetics of your interior
  • Cabinets
    whether you need us to tighten or replace a shaky knob or install a new cabinet, we are here for you
  • Windows & Doors
    window caulking is essential to improve energy efficiency and keep bugs and mildew away from your home
  • Tiling
    we can install new tiles or re-grout existing ones for you

The Importance of WaterProofing

Waterproofing is a priority when it comes to bathroom and laundry renovations. You cannot risk moisture compromising the structure of your home.

Waterproofing involves creating a water-resistant barrier for your laundry or bathroom floors and walls. That way, you ensure water doesn’t find its way into your home’s structure, which can cause significant problems down the road.

Darryl at Darryl Tickle Building is qualified to waterproof your bathroom and laundry to the Australian Standards, giving you peace of mind when it comes to these wet areas.

If you have any questions or you need some work done in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen don’t hesitate to give us a call today!